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Sophia Models International provides professional makeup and hair stylists to clients who are interested in high quality, fashion forward projects. We support all facets of such projects,such as fashion runway, test shoots, creative shoots, professional photo shoots, bridal, personal events or fashion campaigns.

Our makeup and hair stylists are available on location. Some of our artists can provide both hair and makeup design or you can book them for one of their specialty areas of makeup or hair styling.

We provide makeup and hair artists that are certified and experienced in the fashion industry. They are used to the fast-paced environment common to this industry, and they have the patience, personality, and experience to handle any situation. They are always keeping current with the trends and are fashion forward in their work.

We have been in the business for over 10 years and have worked with the most talented artists in the city. Sophia Models has an elite team whom we have hand-selected to represent. We take pride in our company and will only provide makeup/ hair stylists who are exemplary in their field in the city of Calgary.

Whenever you see a great image, runway show, or a beautiful campaign you should remember the team that was behind the scenes. We believe that it is important to have a great professional team to create the best outcome of a project. Great hair and makeup are critical components to create the mood, the beauty and the quality of a project. That is why we choose to represent only the top-notch makeup and hair artists in the city of Calgary.

We are always keeping our eye out for new and upcoming fashion savvy artists to represent. If you are interested in becoming represented by our company please Contact Us