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The local modelling industry is thriving in Calgary. To be successful, a model must have an agent and an agent must have a model or models. So the working relationship is 50/50. When the local booker is working on a job for a client there may be many hoops that the book may have to jump through. The model must be mindful of the work that the agency is doing for them.Sophia Models will set up interviews if the client requests this, Sophia is always trying to place you with clients that you are suitable for. If your first meeting goes well and the client is enthusiastic about your potential, then you know you have the beginnings of a successful working relationship. There is no fee to join an agency and always keep in mind that your agent makes no money until they find you work, so be considerate of their time and effort. Your booker will have details, for the local jobs and will relay them on to you. Your booker will let you know about the photographer or the client requirements When in doubt, ask the agency. Sophia Models has worked with the top clients in the country please see our list of clients on this site.